Skills, Skills, They Pay Da Billz

Bling FootballIf you’re a pro or semi-pro player then you know that what you do when the ball comes your way is what puts food on the table. Oh, and seriously innappropriate cars in your driveway, oversized diamond watches on your wrist and team sized jacuzzis in your back garden.

Training is so boring though, right?

No. Not right. If training is boring then it’s either time to retire and do commentary or your coach is dull asshole with no imagination.

Yes, football drills develop your skills, but they don’t have to be boring. If you want the other team to get that sinking feeling just like when a solid pass reaches Robben then you need to have those set pieces and drills down solid. Otherwise your brain kicks in, overthinks it, and you’re lying on the floor with another grass stain on your ass before you can even squeal like a little girl.

If you can get out of your head that drills are dull and just get them down solid then you’ll be a better player – simple fact. But call me bat shit crazy here, why not actually enjoy the drills and don’t even bother to complain! You want to be good right? You think Beckham whinged like a little girl when he had to repeat drills until he could barely walk anymore? (well maybe, but he did them anyway). And if the drills are just too damn repetitive, then tell the coach he’s a dull SOB and you’re happy to run circuits for an hour while he thinks of a better punishment for you.

While you’re doing that you can dream about that diamond encrusted jacuzzi you’ve always wanted.

Can you help out the luck?

More than luck?

There’s games of skill, and then there’s games of luck.

Football is all about the skill of course, but with just a hint of that luck element thrown in when you stick whatever body part you can get in front of the ball to deflect the worlds best cross into the goal. It’s skill that gets you there, but stabbing a toe out to maybe just nudge the ball in… even the best are lucky sometimes.

Games like the lottery however are supposed to be 100% about the luck. At least that’s what the lottery company tells us. Yes, it could be you, but they say it’s just as likely to be anybody who bought a ticket. Of course, that buying a ticket part you can’t get away from. If you don’t get one of those, then you’re not getting in!

But there are a lot of people who will tell you that the lottery is not just about the luck. Check out for example. They look at the different types of lottery software and systems to identify the ones that work or don’t work. So it seems that even with a game that is supposed to be all luck, there is still an element of skill involved. How much skill can help however is something nobody at the lottery company is going to tell you – and the only way to find out is probably to just try stuff out for yourself.


That Moment


Heh, we know it’s true though, right? 🙂