Can you help out the luck?

More than luck?

There’s games of skill, and then there’s games of luck.

Football is all about the skill of course, but with just a hint of that luck element thrown in when you stick whatever body part you can get in front of the ball to deflect the worlds best cross into the goal. It’s skill that gets you there, but stabbing a toe out to maybe just nudge the ball in… even the best are lucky sometimes.

Games like the lottery however are supposed to be 100% about the luck. At least that’s what the lottery company tells us. Yes, it could be you, but they say it’s just as likely to be anybody who bought a ticket. Of course, that buying a ticket part you can’t get away from. If you don’t get one of those, then you’re not getting in!

But there are a lot of people who will tell you that the lottery is not just about the luck. Check out for example. They look at the different types of lottery software and systems to identify the ones that work or don’t work. So it seems that even with a game that is supposed to be all luck, there is still an element of skill involved. How much skill can help however is something nobody at the lottery company is going to tell you – and the only way to find out is probably to just try stuff out for yourself.