Skills, Skills, They Pay Da Billz

Bling FootballIf you’re a pro or semi-pro player then you know that what you do when the ball comes your way is what puts food on the table. Oh, and seriously innappropriate cars in your driveway, oversized diamond watches on your wrist and team sized jacuzzis in your back garden.

Training is so boring though, right?

No. Not right. If training is boring then it’s either time to retire and do commentary or your coach is dull asshole with no imagination.

Yes, football drills develop your skills, but they don’t have to be boring. If you want the other team to get that sinking feeling just like when a solid pass reaches Robben then you need to have those set pieces and drills down solid. Otherwise your brain kicks in, overthinks it, and you’re lying on the floor with another grass stain on your ass before you can even squeal like a little girl. Get your drills sorted and you’re a better player – but enjoy the drills and don’t complain – if the drills are too repetitive, then tell the coach he’s a dull SOB and you’re happy to run circuits for an hour while he thinks of a better punishment for you.

While you’re doing that you can dream about that diamond encrusted jacuzzi you’ve always wanted.